• sample-1ExtremePak Mountaineering Bugout Bag Backpack OD

    ExtremePak™ Water-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Mountaineer's Backpack makes a great Bugout bag and will hold an enormous amount of gear and survival supplies.


    • Stitched Webbing Zipper Pulls
    • Color Matched Zippers
    • 2 Removable Saddlebags
    • 1 Removable Tail Bag
    • Multiple Pockets
    • Zippered Closures
    • Adjustable Straps for Extra Security
    • Measures 19"W x 35"T x 13"D
  • 8 Wick Kerosene Stove
  • Lixada Ultralight Sleeping Bag
  • 1 Person Solo Backpacking Tent

    1 Person Solo Backpacking Tent